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Semi Permanent Make Up for Men

Before and After photo of mens semi-permanent makeupEnter our discreet, friendly and relaxed Forest Row clinic and you will feel instantly reassured that you have made a great choice.

It’s not Just ladies that suffer from Eyebrow problems and more and more often men are feeling more comfortable that there is a virtually undetectable (other than at very close inspection) treatment that solves the problems they are experiencing with loosing eyebrows and fading definition. It is not uncommon for men to invest in a semi-permanent brow treatment even if they do not have a medical reason for doing so.

You only have to look at male icons like David Beckham, Johnny Depp, Jamie Dornan or any of the world’s 50 sexiest men & you understand that the modern man cares about his appearance.

We offer you the chance to reclaim natural looking facial definition through a series of semi-permanent eyebrows, semi-premanent eye(guy)liner and permanent lip makeup treatments. What is more, you can be completely confident your treatment will stay put, whether you are playing sport, in the shower, or on that all important date.

Permanent eyebow makeup for menWe also offer

Scalp Micropigmentation which is an effective, non surgical hair loss solution which involves a detailed tattooing process. Specialized cosmetic pigments are carefully applied to the upper layers of the Dermis creating the appearance of a fuller denser head of hair. This treatment is effective at any stage of hair loss including the appearance of a full shaven head, disguising a balding area and creating the appearance of a fuller head of hair. : Semi-Permanent Make-up in Sussex, Surrey, Kent and London. Contact Us : 01342 823431