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Eye Enhancements

Eyeliner and eyelash enhancements are applied around the contours of the eyes in various thicknesses and styles to create a variety of aesthetic illusions. It makes the eyes appear larger, brighter, adds definition and draws attention to the eyes themselves…The windows to the soul.

Although primarily aimed at and used by ladies, it has broadened its appeal to the male market, known commonly by the portmanteau guy-liner.

In the 1960s, liquid eyeliner was used to create thick black and white lines around the eyes in the make-up fashion associated with designers like Mary Quant. Today semi-permanent eyeliner is the celebrities choice. The eyes are an integral part of your attractiveness. Looking great 24/7 never was so easy and a treatment will leave you with the enhancement of your choice, be it a subtle lash enhancement or a dramatic Latino liner to suit your look. At Pretty Permanent Make-Up we also specialise in mucosal tissue liners ( The wet inner rim of the eye ) and Eye accents where small amounts of colour is applied above an eyeliner.

Who Benefits ...

  • Women who want a smudge proof, perfectly shaped and professionally applied eyeliner
  • For eyes that are inclined to water in the cold, wind or light.
  • For people who wear glasses or are visually impaired
  • Women or Men who are allergic to conventional make-up
  • Professionals' whose time is of a premium and need to look their best all the time
  • Busy Mums who still want to look their best even after chasing around all day.
  • When eyelashes are missing or sparse especially with Alopecia sufferers or Cancer patients.

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